Southeastern Indiana Regional Port Authority

Located on the Ohio River in the southeastern corner of the State of Indiana. Includes the cities of Aurora and Lawrenceburg and parts of Dearborn County. Created under Indiana Code 8-15-5. The port authority has full power and authority independent of any political subdivision to do the following:

  • Purchase, construct, sell, lease and operate docks, wharves, warehouses, piers and any other port, terminal or transportation facilities within its jurisdiction consistent with the purposes of the port authority and make charges for the use thereof.
  • Straighten, deepen, and improve any canal, channel, river, stream or other water course or way which may be necessary or proper in the development of the facilities of such port.
  • Establish dock lines, piers, and other facilities necessary to the conduct of pleasure boating within the territory under the jurisdiction of the port authority.

SIRPA, meets on the third Friday of every month in the City of Lawrenceburg council chambers at 1 PM

Membership consists of the Mayors of Aurora  Greendale, and Lawrenceburg, a Dearborn County Commissioner, three members appointed from the City of Lawrenceburg (one of which must reside in Lawrenceburg), three members from the City of Aurora (one of which must reside in the City of Lawrenceburg). Andy Baudendistel is the attorney for the authority.


Shane McHenry, Chairman – Dearborn County

Kelly Mollaun, Co-Chairman – City of Lawrenceburg

Andy Baudendistel, Legal Counsel

Sebastian Smelko, Special Legal Counsel

Brian Messmore, Treasurer – City of Lawrenceburg

Tom Schneider, Secretary – City of Lawrenceburg

Donnie Hastings, Jr., Member – City of Aurora

Alan Weiss, Member – City of Greendale

EG. McLaughlin, Member – City of Lawrenceburg

Benny Turner, Member – City of Aurora

Terri Randall, Member – Dearborn County

Tom Palmer, Member – City of Lawrenceburg

Al Abdon, Member – City of Greendale

Adam Rosenberger, Member – City of Aurora

For more information contact:
Chairman Shane McHenry –
Secretary Tom Schneider –


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